There is a revolution happening. Urbanism is not just being celebrated but embraced. It’s happening here, and all around the world. 24 is the catalyst for a vibrant, urban and sustainable community – a place we can live, work, shop, eat and play. The benefits are endless. Less traffic, less sprawl. More time, more life, more living.

Let’s say you’re relaxing inside at home. On a whim, you decide to open up these huge doors, essentially mak-
ing the inside, outside. So, are bringing the outside in, or letting the inside out? Either way, life at 24 is indoor / out- door living at it’s very best. It’s where out is the new in.

Regret is a tough thing to live with. Much like living with your in-laws. And so, as a preventative measure against regret, or having to eat breakfast every morning with Stan and Peggy, we must be aware of opportunity. 24 is just such an opportunity. A big, shiny, light-at-the-end- of-the-tunnel kind of opportunity. 100 very cool homes priced under $300,000. – Unless of course, you really like marmalade on your toast.

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