Admittedly, I’ve convinced folks to buy the overpriced condo. I’ve also inspired them to say, “screw it” and take that vacation. Enticing them into buying that bottle of wine? –Child’s play. I’ve talked to large organizations about the importance of effective branding, and helped change the way a company looks and feels about themselves. I can also suggest some quick and easy chicken recipes.

I’ve learnt how to touch the soft spots, stroke the egos, twist the knife, and tickle the funny bones. I vehemently believe in pushing boundaries and dancing outside the box. Communication is more than our job; it’s a responsibility and one I take seriously. I think one paragraph of great writing is worth a thousand pictures.
I’m conceptual, creative, fervent, and old enough to know better. I will fight over punctuation.

I’m a copywriter, and I’m willing to bring it.

Email tyjones@shaw.ca or call 604 839 2009.

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